Accessible recreational opportunities are available on Fort Drum and New York State.

See the NYSDEC web site for more information about accessible recreation opportunities in New York State including fishing, boating, trails, and camping.


Disabled Access Hunting Opportunities on Fort Drum

Hunters possessing a valid New York State Non-Ambulatory Hunter Permit may hunt from an ATV or POV parked along any subtraining area open to recreational use for that day. Vehicles must be parked off designated recreational roads to avoid obstructing traffic. The engine of the vehicle must be turned off while hunting and before the weapon is uncased. ATVs must be transported into the Training Area by vehicle or trailer. Hunting from vehicles must be in accordance with the New York State Non-Ambulatory Hunter Permit conditions.

Archery hunters must possess a valid New York State Modified Archer Permit or Modified Crossbow Permit to use modified bows per state regulations.

Special Disabled Access Hunting Opportunities on Fort Drum

Fort Drum offers special hunting opportunities for persons possessing a New York State Non-Ambulatory Hunter Permit; persons with severe permanent disabilities eligible for a New York State Parking Permit or license plate; and/or persons with a life-threatening illness participating through a non-profit organization. Hunters that desire accessible accommodations must contact Fort Drum's Fish & Wildlife Management Program (315-772-9636 or Raymond.E.Rainbolt.civ@mail.mil) to provide appropriate paperwork and be added to a roster.  

One hunting opportunity is at six designated sites in Training Areas 6C and 5E which are otherwise off-limits for recreational opportunities. Hunting is allowed for any game during its respective season at these sites.  Only those persons on the roster will be allowed at these sites. Sites are reserved on the day or day before hunting by calling Range Branch (Bldg. P-4855) at 315-772-7152. You will be asked your name, Fort Drum Recreation Permit number, and the names of other persons assisting. Other persons can assist in hunting, but they may not possess a weapon. Persons assisting must have a NYS hunting license and Fort Drum Recreation Permit. 

Each site is designated with a post and sign labeled as a "center point." Hunting is allowed within a given distance from that center point. Directions, a description and photos of each site are available in the Disabled Access Hunting on Fort Drum brochure (updated 26 Aug 2015) which is also available at the Natural Resources Permit Office (Bldg. S-2509) or Range Branch (P-4855).

A second opportunity on Fort Drum is a special waterfowl hunting area with accessible blinds and “waterfowl refuge” on the peninsula at Matoon Creek Marsh off of Matoon Creek Road in Training Area 17B. See the Matoon Marsh Waterfowl Hunting page for more information. 

Disabled Access Hunting Opportunities in the Region

The Rodman Landfill in Wildlife Management Unit 6K is a new hunting opportunity for persons possessing a New York State Non-Ambulatory Hunter Permit and/or Soldiers assigned to a Warrior in Transition Unit. The Rodman Landfill is located on NYS Rte. 177 in the Town of Rodman approximately 20 miles south of Fort Drum. See the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) web site for more information and to download an application.  

Disabled Access Fishing Opportunities on Fort Drum

There is one disabled fishing access opportunity at Remington Pond in Fort Drum's Cantonment Area. An accessible path and floating pier is on the east side of the pond near the playground and Cranberry Lake Pavilion.

Disabled Access Fishing Opportunities in the Region

See the NYSDEC web site for a list of fishing access sites listed by county for anglers with disabilities.

See the NYSDEC web site for a list of accessible boat launches throughout the NYS.


Disabled Access Camping Opportunities in the Region

See the NYS Camping Guide for accessible facilities which are noted in each region throughout the guide.

An entire campground that is fully accessible is 
John Dillon Park near Tupper Lake, NY--approximately 100 miles from Fort Drum. 

Other Resources

Below are links to web sites and contact information for more information. The inclusion of these links should not be considered endorsements by Fort Drum, but are provided for information purposes only.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation - Accessible Recreation
NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation - Accessibility
NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation - ADA Transition Plan (PDF June 2015)

NYS Inclusive Recreation Resource Center (Cortland, NY)
National Center on Accessibility (Bloomington, IN)
Northern Regional Center for Independent Living (Watertown/Lowville/Lyons Falls, NY)

US Access Board - ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Recreation Facilities
US Access Board - Standards for Outdoor Developed Areas