Fort Drum Recreational Access Pass

Welcome! If this is your
first time registering for a recreational access pass at Fort Drum then CLICK HERE to skip the survey.

Please help us understand your use of the recreational services provided by Fort Drum by completing the below survey. Obtaining a recreational permit is NOT dependent on answering these questions. A second "normal" survey will follow asking about days in the field and harvest information. Please contact the Fort Drum Fish & Wildlife Manager ( if you have questions.

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2. Was the main reason for your visit to the area to enjoy the recreational services at Fort Drum?

3. What was the main purpose of your trip?

4. During your visit to Fort Drum, what was the total estimated money you spent on each of the following eight (8) items.  You may put in comments in the same box as the estimated $ amount.
5. What is your gender?

6. In which of the following range was your income last year?

7. What is your highest level of education?