Overnight camping in the Fort Drum Training Area is allowed year-round. All camping in the Training Area is primitive. Campers in the Fort Drum Training Area must check-in/check-out via the Sportsman's Hotline. Upon reaching their destination in the Training Area, campers must contact Range Branch (315-772-7152) and confirm their location.

Coming in 2023: Designated campsites available on a "first come, first served" basis. 

Camping in the Fort Drum Cantonment Area is allowed at the Remington Park RV Campground. Anyone interested using these RV sites may conctact DFMWR Outdoor Recreation via the web site or go to Bldg. P-11115 Iraqi Freedom Drive or phone 315-772-5169/315-772-8222. Recreationists using the RV Park are NOT required to possess a Fort Drum Recreation Access Pass or check-in/check-out at Range Branch.

Litter & Latrines

No person shall discard, bury, or dispose of any trash, waste, or litter on Fort Drum. Trash receptacles are NOT provided. Recreationists must carry out what they carry in. Camping areas should be returned to their original condition before departing.

Recreationists are responsible for provide their own portable latrines and proper disposal of human waste. However, permanent latrines in the Training Area may be used by recreationists.

Campfires & Firewood

Caution must be exercised in the use of warming or cooking fires in the Training Area and the following provisions must be followed:

Other Places to Camp in the Region

There are many camping opportunities within a short drive of Fort Drum:

Other Places to Camp

Active duty US military personnel and family members with proper identification (CAC card or DD Form 1173) are eligible for free permits to ender Federal recreation sites including National Parks that charge entrance or standard amenity fees.