Driving & Parking in the Training Area

Vehicles are allowed only on designated recreational roads--refer to the Fort Drum Recreational Use Map. Vehicles can not be operated on non-designated roadways (improved light duty roads, unimproved dirt roads, or trails).

Vehicle parking is restricted to designated recreational roads, in parking areas at Range facilities designated with a "P" on the Fort Drum Recreational Use Map, or within training areas not more than 50 feet and clearly seen from a designated recreational road. All vehicles must be parked adjacent to training areas open for recreational use on that given day. All vehicles must be parked in such a manner as to allow other vehicles safe passage, including not blocking access to other roads or trails not designated as recreational roads.

The speed limit on Fort Drum roads is 30 mph during daylight hours and 15 mph during hours of darkness. When passing any pedestrian on a road, the speed limit is 10 mph.


Adding a Vehicle to Your iSportsman Account

To add another vehicle to your account (or update other personal information), follow the directions below: