Besides passes and access requirements, there are a couple regulations on Fort Drum that do not apply to New York State.

Blaze/Fluorescent Orange (or Pink) Clothing

All recreationists in Fort Drum training areas during any hunting season (September 1 - March 30 and May 1 - May 31) are required to visibly display a minimum of 144 square inches of blaze orange on the front and back of their upper bodies, and are also required to wear blaze orange headgear.

Exceptions to this blaze orange requirement are:

1. Any activity between 01 June and 31 August.

2. Archery hunters in Archery Hunting Only Areas (including the Cantonment Area except in Cantonment Hunting Areas 74, 75, 79 and 80 during the regular deer hunting season).

3. Archery hunters while in a stand at least 10 feet above the ground. Archery hunters walking to a stand must wear blaze orange headgear.

4. Waterfowl hunters must wear blaze orange while walking to and from their hunting areas, but do not have to wear blaze orange while sitting in a blind or in a boat.

5. Turkey and predator hunters must wear blaze orange headgear while walking to and from their hunting areas, but do not have to wear blaze orange while sitting in the woods if 144 square inches of blaze orange is placed in a tree within sight of their hunting location. Predator hunters with a Nighttime Recreation Pass at night (after one-half hour after sunset and before one-half hour before sunrise) do not have to wear blaze orange.

6. Anglers actively engaged in fishing from a boat, road, at a designated angling site or on ice do not have to wear blaze orange. Anglers walking to and from their fishing areas or fishing along streams must wear blaze orange headgear.

7. Beginning in 2018, NYS law requires big game hunters age 14 and 15, and their mentors, to wear fluorescent orange or pink visible from all directions. The exposed shirt, jacket, or vest must have at least 250 square inches of solid or pattenred fluorescent orage or pink (the pattern must be at least 50% orange or pink) OR a hat with at least 50% fluorescent orange or pink. On Fort Drum, the explosed shirt, jacket or vest AND hat must be worn and can either blaze orange of pink. 

Gun Cases

Most weapons including crossbows and compound bows transported in a vehicle must be unloaded and cased. An unloaded weapon is a firearm without ammunition in the chamber and/or magazine, if the magazine is in the firearm. A muzzleloader is considered unloaded if the percussion cap or primer is removed from the firearm or the primer pan is empty. A crossbow is considered unloaded if it is uncocked and the bolt is removed. A cased weapon is a weapon inside a case expressly made to contain and fully enclose that weapon in such a manner that no portion of the weapon is exposed when the case is zipped, snapped, buckled, tied, or otherwise fastened. If parked on a public highway, but hunting on Fort Drum, this regulation still applies. Exceptions include: (1) pistols and revolvers in accordance with FD Reg 420-3 paragraph 7(f); (2) weapons on ATVs for disabled hunting in accordance with FD Reg 420-3 paragraph 11(d); and (3) long and recurve bows that are uncased and unstrung while being transported.