Ice fishing is permitted on all non-trout waters on Fort Drum (Indian Lake, Narrow Lake, Indian Pond, and Mud Lake). Remington Pond and Quarry Pond are NOT open for ice fishing.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the ice at any tie except for ATVs or snowmobiles for ice fishing purposes on Indian Lake, Narrow Lake, Indian Pond, and Mud Lake ONLY.

ATVs and snowmobiles must be trailered into the Training Area. Access to these waterbodies must be in the most direct route possible from the parked vehicle to the waterbody.

Recreationists are responsible for their own safety while on the ice. Please refer to the guide to the right for recommendations of minimum ice thickness. (Image used with permission by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.)

See the Fort Drum Facebook page for weekly ice updates on Indian Lake.